I really am a CurlyGirl4God!

I really am a CurlyGirl4God!

Welcome to my online devotional! Inspired by words. Inspired by our awesome God. Inspired by God’s words. 

As a child I dreamed of living in the library…that is how much I loved, and still love, books and the written word.  Books were a way of escape, of expanding my mind, and this led to a desire to be a storyteller.  Things just unfold in my mind like a story or a personal essay~ just like my curly hair, that is how God made me!  But fear and distractions have kept me from living out this dream…until now.  It’s time.  So this blog is part of my journey to pursue my purpose and passions.  I welcome anyone who wants to walk along beside me.  It is my prayer that we will both be inspired and encouraged as we grow into the people God created us to be!

God bless you,

Lynne ~ aka ~ CurlyGirl4God



2 Comments on “About”

  1. I really like your blog, great thoughts, looking forward to reading more 🙂

    • Thank you for your kind words, Amy! I like your blog, too, and I am so blessed that a sister in the Lord stopped by! I can’t think of a better blog theme than hope ~ it’s the name of our dog, a constant reminder that we always have hope in the Lord. Keep getting out the good word and I look forward to learning more about you as I read your blog, too. God bless!

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